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The blind is mad also---Joy is searched in all sorts of environments
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Author: Category: Successful story date: 2008-5-9 18:15:46 visits: 65 he is inherent it is two feel black blind person, but he opens a firm, build a website, chat on the net, read, fry, still opened the store on the net, he accomplished a lot of perfect people the thing that may not accomplishs. He helps other blind person learn computer, in invisible world, let them follow him one case, enjoy the bright — that this times bestows favor on the network newly to be brought to them—

Cao Jun one big early be away on official business from Shanghai a Beijing, issued the train to approach a company continuously, do to the guest that make an appointment massage. Midday, he operates 3 computer at the same time, one handles the forms for reporting statistics of each branch, a quarter collection, one compresses a file. Handle forms for reporting statistics, he updated Chinese blind to massage the webpage that serves a net, fry a stock on the net again. Phone ring is incessant Yu Er, the blind refers computer question, the guest makes an appointment of massage time.

See him that works strong, dare not believe really, this wears the youth of black crocodile T-shirt, have delicate features, it is natural blind person unexpectedly. And, the blind computer that blind of he or the CEO that have 8 massage branches, China massages the author that serves a net and famous one class teacher.

Although lived 33 years in darkness, but “ I can search joy in all sorts of environments, like to do the thing that others had not done. His corners of the mouth always is hanging ” to laugh.

As a child he not reconciled to is by the lock in the home, often climb from the window, play together with other child. When 9 years old, he went up Beijing blind school, arrive from one grade graduation, be reappointed consecutively 11 years of monitors, still be student union chairman.

After blind school graduates, although Cao Jun received Changchun university to massage professional admission notice, but to reduce the burden in the home, he decides he does poineering work. He rented a small one-storey house, opened domestic blind to massage clinic, did not think of neither one client many days 10. He is urgent, asked neighbour to write piece of “ to experience the advertisement that massages two weeks of ” freely, stick on the window. Result, most patronage of a day of 17 people. He very ground of exert to one's utmost massages a hour for everybody, one the world comes, hand hemp.

The old lady of a hemiplegy, massage two week hind freely, cao Jun with every time 10 yuan low is massaged for her. After two months, the old lady can stand up from wheelchair unexpectedly, going to come clinic. The engineer of company of a Japan will try “ craft ” of Cao Jun, fell to massage a bed to applausing to say: “ I had done 56 years to massage in Japan, it is best here. ”

This Japanese still asks the hotel that Cao Jun stays to him, massage to he and work in the same placing, that one evening, cao Jun did not sleep overnight, in succession massaged 11 hours, achieve his day income record: 2640 yuan.
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