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Dicker great wisdom: From the collaboration that be out of pocket begins
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Author: Category: Successful story date: 2008-5-9 18:12:58 visits: The area just outside a city gate of county of brook of 10 lasher bamboo presses down Hubei of 33, the professional village that makes bean curd only has several, one calls place of person settle on the resource that bean products machines, the bean products fabricating that wants to produce the farmer, push to the whole nation, do not think the first battle suffer heavy casualities. Tiangang daybreak, town of the area just outside a city gate of bamboo brook county burned Tian Cun and day to had boiled into the village, the bean curd of the village is machined door people the free market of agricultural products that reachs a town hurriedly drives early part to sell bean curd.

Reporter of Undefined undefinedremian undefined Undefined   : How many bean curd did “ buy? ”

Inmate of bamboo brook county: “ buys 45 jins, because we open restaurant, fry bean curd, do Shang Dou to go, fry hemp hot bean curd, anyway varied. ”

The bright bean curd that in bamboo brook county two free market of agricultural productses sell, bean curd doing, skin of soya-bean milk, fume the bean products such as bean curd, for the most part town of the area just outside a city gate burns Tian Cun and day to be produced into the village, bean curd is machined door should sell 5 tons of bean products to this locality here everyday, often do not arrive to be able to sell one sky midday.

Bean curd machines door: “ turns round the stranger is much, a few old clients often may arrive here will cannot be bought. ”

The area just outside a city gate of bamboo brook county presses down a farmer to machine bean curd to had had 200 old histories, they do bean curd previously basically is oneself edible. After 2000, the bean curd that they produce begins the sale of two free market of agricultural productses that is in a county, primitive current fashion, let a product can sell in periphery only. But before 4 years, the bean curd here machined a very rapid growth to go to many 200, they still the treatment method of tradition of continue to use does bean curd.

Hua Wenbo from the grandfather that generation begins to do bean curd, because use the convention that ancestors leaves to machine a method all the time, the bean curd that he produces in the market very popular.

Bean curd of the village that burn cropland machines a Hua Wenbo: We do “ bean curd, cream child by the standard, bean also presses a standard, go down bean curd is not old not tender, that is a few more delicious, 3 generation sell on the street, our bean curd is very fast also, was over at 10 o'clock in the morning at most namely. ”

The Hua Wenbo that burns Tian Cun hit small go to school to meet the bean curd that grandfather hands down machines craft, he does fastidious of bean curd craft, choose classy soya bean and well water, the firewood that does bean curd repeatedly also is essence of life carries Song Baishu branch.
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