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Who says farm does not make money: The sweet potato of 6 mus of ground sold 200
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Author: Category: Successful story date: 2008-5-9 18:15:05 visits: Does the latent capacity of a person have 59 how old? Different person is having different answer. Does the latent capacity of a mu of ground have how old? Those who differ is racial, the result is different. The money that the Yang Huifeng of county of Zhejiang sea salt once made is less than the wife, this lets him feel potential is very limited, it is this individual likewise, begin to be on a 6 mus land from 2005, allow the potential that people saw he is true. Reporter: Are you doing “ what? ”

Yang Huifeng of Undefined undefinedremian undefined Undefined   : I am cutting “ pencil, me pigment of this sweet potato is very deep, can write, do not believe me to write to give you look, you look, can write. ”

Yang Huifeng takes what look to the reporter, it is a kind of purple sweet potato, because was planted,2006 is 6 mus of purple sweet potato, yang Huifeng just came true oneself get rich dream. He wants to plant 60 mus again this year, now, be the season of sweet potato cuttage.

Yang Huifeng: “ is long below can stay a bit longer, when you are cut, can cut shortly a bit shorter, just like such went readily, this limits goes. ”

The season that harvests from sweet potato now still has 4 months time, an old client that opens restaurant finds Yang Huifeng hurriedly however, want to buy sweet potato and leaf.

Shenyang boss: “ sweet potato eats to him when mug-up evaporate, my pole fry cuttlefish basically, color is very good, cuttlefish is white, pole is green, very good-looking, deserve to nod chili again, very delicious, too small, bought word is very expensive. ”

Yang Huifeng: “ Shenyang boss, this is indifferent to, the thing of money is indifferent to. ”

Below Shen Quanming's requirement, yang Huifeng is forced dig gave a few sweet potato, because just be planted,fall before long, sweet potato has big toe volume only.

Yang Huifeng: “ little potato I am true not be willing to part with or use sells, return chairman to become big potato later, those who grow is very big, those who grow is big like this kind. ”

Because feel so little sweet potato sells too regrettablly, yang Huifeng decided a high unusual price to little sweet potato temporarily, 50 yuan a jin, shen Quanming still is determined to want to buy however.

Shenyang boss: “ does not have method then, the client must eat this, anyway this we should eat tonight, then I say to go, go doing to you, the result is shedding kubla khah to here to do. ”

Finally, shen Quanming bought leaf of a jin of sweet potato with the price of 5 yuan of money, bought a jin of little sweet potato with 50 yuan price, before be being faced, he still kept 2000 yuan of deposit even.
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