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Lighter is patristic Zhou Dahu: Yong bone rips drought to uncover instruct buffa
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Mention world lighter industry, have to see the Wen Zhou that holds the whole world to control the market most probably. And industry of lukewarm city lighter, little not mention president of limited company of lighter of big tiger of chairman of guild of Wen Zhou smoking set, Zhejiang Zhou Dahu.

Sheet is told from outstanding achievement, limited company of lighter of Zhejiang big tiger is not very outstanding: Wen Zhou has 600 ~ 700 lighter factories, year export 500 million lighter, sale is 3 billion ~ 4 billion yuan. And Zhou Dahu's company produces per year lighter to make an appointment with 15 million, value is controlled in 200 million yuan. So, although Zhou Dahu's company is in what manufacturer of lukewarm city lighter is count as one of the best, but do not have a Triton of the minnows.

Zhou Dahu can be paid close attention to, cause is not to have more than 300 million multivariate social status, however the following at 2 o'clock: It is to be in lukewarm city lighter is fake when the product runs amuck, zhou Dahu did not drift with the tide; 2 it is Wen Zhou the product is some closer year of full on the international market suffocate suffocate is difficult, lighter is among them a model, zhou Dahu also is pushed accordingly downstage, become the spokesman of this one product. Divide this beyond, zhou Dahu can hit " to give the disposition be caused by that this country also is him in lighter industry " .

Disposition decides a destiny, emulative the disposition portraiture that is him

Speak of Zhou Dahu's disposition, can describe with a word: "Emulative " . Two detail can show Zhou Dahu's individual character quite: His good shot, ever established Wen Zhou team of the first spare football, gain the championship twice in omiting the game completely. By July 1995 at the beginning of August, zhou Dahu guides delegation of lukewarm city football to attend the league matches of complete province to Ning Bo. There had been 8 years to did not attend league matches before Wen Zhou. Zhou Dahu puts forward: "Outside dividing goalkeeper, every player must shovel 5 balls, otherwise discharge gives team. "In the meantime, zhou Dahu still drew on two pairs of litter.

The following day, dozen of way that lukewarm state group does not reach on average two minutes to have ball of a shovel give opponent be hit muddled. Lukewarm state group is gotten the better of greatly, and player each bloodstain is full of stains or spots. Half month comes down, lukewarm state group gains the championship. On field, "Only is to contend for, alone coronal is to seize the individual character of " to be used to his career, the end that Zhou Dahu places to oneself also is " anything but admit defeat. The end that Zhou Dahu places to oneself also is " anything but admit defeat..

Company of Japanese wide field is former it is Japan's biggest lighter manufacturer, be being hit suffocatively by lukewarm city person of the same trade when coming, the decision closes Japanese product line, undertake to Wen Zhou the card is produced sticking. Manufacturer home course is sought in wide field company in, zhou Dahu is a the most active.
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