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Lend chicken unripe egg
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Brand shop of Si Bangwei of United States spy

Zhoucheng of 36 years old is built this year, it is an employee 3000, asset crosses the industry employer of 100 million.

This young entrepreneur that the career has, more than 10 years ago, still be an average farmer only. Like a lot of private enterprise homes that did not have powerful connections, zhou Chengjian is him * struggles difficultly finished capital primitive accumulation.

Zhou Chengjian is born in Zhejiang in the village that county of Wen Zhouqing cropland is called stone hole mountain. To cast off the destiny of for generations poverty, he learned sartorial craft as a child. 1986, firm full the Zhou Chengjian of 20 one full year of life, will to Wenzhou fend. His what dirty work, hard work works, on the train 3 days of 3 night had stood, one day eats meal get over only. Through a few years of endure all kinds of hardships, land of a minute of cash accumulated a minute of money to choose fund, enter market of major of dress of temple of local clever fruit, dry had old one's line, sell clothing by day, night makes clothing, a day of labor 16 hours of above. Yu Zhoucheng is built for, the opportunity that allows capital to expand came 1992 eventually.

That year, come from the wind snow garment of Fujian stone lion, jacket, resemble a tornado engulfing lukewarm city market, zhoucheng builds follow closely market level to make these clothings. , a northeast boss to him ordered 300, this to small mill, it is a large number undoubtedly, because the product is simple the amount is good, client one after another, order goods quantity from add thousands of 300 times again, come down one year, earned millions of yuan. such, he is preliminary finished capital primitive accumulation.

Had millions of, zhoucheng is built and did not feel contented. Will a few years be felt in the market climb boil dozen, let him have be in business experience, also develop the vision of an acumen. In those days, industry of lukewarm city garment produces business suit mostly, design very much the same, and brand of a few a few sportswear of foreign just appeared in Wen Zhougang, zhou Chengjian feels sportswear will have potential of very big market, the fund that uses right beside one held water to make garment plant, manufacture recreational clothing formally, return dozen of brand that gave oneself-----Si Bangwei of United States spy, the product faces labour firewood estate, execute small profits but quick turnover.

Use fictitious manage after enlarging capital quickly to be in 5 years short, zhou Chengjian's asset is very fast from 1 million growth consummate 100 million yuan, this has among them become rich doohickey, with his own word summary, was to use lend chicken the unripe egg, fictitious management method that borrows a net to fish. After building a plant at that time, the fund that Zhou Chengjian can control becomes very few. As small-sized civilian battalion enterprise, it is very difficult to borrow money from the bank. Have no alternative below, he thinks of to use outside force to make up for the inadequacy of own capital. On production, he adopts the strategy of the production that decide a brand, the processing factory of state-owned, joint-stock clothing that has standard of top-ranking production facilities, management with the 60 much furniture such as Guangdong, Jiangsu early or late builds long-term cooperation to concern. The whole nation has many 60 enterprise to be side power to produce now, produce per year 8 million dress, if these companies invest by him Zhou Chengjian, need 300 million yuan at least. Enlarging market share to go up, zhou Chengjian adopted the strategy that concessionary chain runs, namely the company transfers chartered right join in inn, means of the brand that joins in inn wants to use side power firm, firm, service, pay fixed concessionary fee to the company. Result of this one measure is very good, brand shop is annual develop with increasing 50 rate newly. Now, already had side power brand shop many 500, spread all over countrywide each district, company sale was amounted to last year 500 million multivariate, if so much inn oneself invest, need 1. 500 million reach 200 million yuan.
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