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Convenient cover boils the new show of bound of one branch IT that come out " La
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Author: Category: Successful story date: 2008-5-9 18:16:45 visits: 63 as international famous Internet application serves a provider (ASP) and Internet service provider (ISP) , website of the major of domestic count as one of the best “CDN quickens ” to serve a provider, executive trustee of blue awn science and technology holds general manager concurrently to make Mr An Bin (Robin Xu) , to “ ” of a packet of convenient cover is having special feeling however.

Mention oneself career, make myriad of wide Bin deep feeling. He says, the giant constituent framework of ten branches of the group that La Mang develops many 200 high quality from the studio that has two people only and whole nation, of La Mang be born to thrive, result of ” of a packet of convenient cover cannot do not have “ .

   Abandon ” of “ iron rice bowl-a secure job devoting into IT industry main forces

The university graduates, xu Anbin is allocated with outstanding achievement head office of Chinese arms industry, this is in the job that at that time can be a hard-earned, people calls ” of “ iron rice bowl-a secure job, had this job, xu Anbin's life can pass very steadily very easy and comfortable. But be in this moment, xu Anbin did an accident and bold decision, he decides to desertion ” of this “ iron rice bowl-a secure job, go to the Internet world that he loves truly searching his dream.

With strong to Internet interest, 97 years, the Xu Anbin that still attending a college founds with the classmate ” of atelier of “ La Mang, issued order of blue awn forum, la Mang searchs the product such as engine, bigger echo was caused in the Internet bound at that time, the name that also lets La Mang for the first time is everybody place acknowledge.

98 years, he founds individual homepage “ wins politics the world ” , be chosen to be 10 big individual sites of domestic namely in those days, still stand in IT technology up to now the effect that hold the balance is had in the dot.

   Abandon position of industry high level setting foot on boundless poineering road

98 years, xu Anbin is opposite with him the understanding of Internet and the market insight to Internet acumen, he comes to the special economic zone that Internet foreground values----Xiamen. During Xiamen he ever held the position of foundation of domestic famous Internet to serve trader vise general manager, developed a powerful development, support, market and sale group for this company, finished the framework setting of the company of dimensions of a 150 people. Guide in his below, this company gets online in each district enterprise the victory is gained in waiting for battle, become country a few performance of second half of the year is most brisk 1998 in registering business greatly. A colleague that once had worked together with Xu Anbin evaluates him so: “ Xu Anbin is very accurate to the understanding of Internet market, he is having the strategic eye of long-term development, ever held an industry for many times first machine, it is a handsome appearance with Internet rare domain! ” .
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