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Traditional cloth shoe made the career of a man unexpectedly
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Author: Category: Successful story date: 2008-5-9 18:17:27 visits: 64 calls Long Hai, 2006 when join in Zun Fuyou installs shoemaker of cloth of fashionable cloth shoemaker. Own brand shop of two cloth shoe in Hunan city at present. In discovery business chance of traditional cloth shoe while, he also found the coordinate of his life. The leather shoes that still should see when Long Hai goes to school dress brushs the classmate of classmate brightly to shine, he pledges secretly, must earn a lot of money buy a pair of leather shoes that he like most in the future, also do not wear the cloth shoe that mom makes again.

1980, long Hai is born in city of bottom of Hunan Province Lou an average farmer household, with place so the child is same, be brought up in him the first pair of shoes that wear are a mother with one's own hands the cloth shoe of tailor. In the years that reads in him, always be the cloth shoe that the mother makes all the time accompanying him. The cloth shoe that awaits in those days is basic be white edge black. Look not so good-looking, the leather shoes that often sees dress brushs the classmate of classmate brightly to shine, long Hai pledges secretly, must earn a lot of money buy a pair of leather shoes that he like most in the future, also wearing black cloth shoe again. But he did not think of however, final this small cloth shoe, changed oneself lifetime actually.

After the university graduated 2001, he became the teacher of a middle school. To average person, this is a very smooth and steady job, but the factor that there is youth uneasiness to divide it seems that in his body, let him not be content with the current situation, long to open another window of the destiny constantly. If open restaurant,also had been a lot of ideas while he becomes a teacher, open a bookshop to wait a moment, abandoned finally however because of a few reasons, but his longing to fortune and career however never abate over- .

“80 yuan a pair of ” , he what the Shi Min that flits in his brain when these a few numbers feels knows the gate of fortune had been opened wide to him immediately. The spring 2006, he comes to Beijing the travel here, go on the ave, she discovers on the street a lot of people are wearing cloth shoe amazedly. All along zealous and modern Peking Man likes to wear cloth shoe actually! He feels mysterious. How does “ Beijing have so much person to wear cloth shoe? ” Long Hai asks the fellow student of Beijing curiously. Shoe of “ this cloth can raise a base, wear rise particularly comfortable, be the shoe that Peking Man likes most, jump over wealthy person to like to wear more especially. He of ” curiosity asked price again, but the cloth shoe that hears when him this is common should sell in Beijing 80 multivariate a pair when, she dare not believe ——80 a little really yuan many pairs of 10 cloth shoes can be bought in Lou bottom. Store is brought in Zun Fuyou in, he admires these cloth shoes carefully, discovery is in of upper above increased a few figure more. Then, the Long Hai that former preparation stays 7 days in Beijing lengthened his journey 3 days.
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