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New La Hai of aid of Hangzhou labour already: Discharge pricks instep large bam

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Author: Category: Trade information date: 2008-5-9 18:08:12 visits: In 63 new Zhejiang net on April 11 report from 1999 up to now, firm all the time quietly is holding group of chain of Hangzhou Dong Hua throne of first of Chinese chain industry, at the same time company product 70% offer outlet, 2006, the exit forehead of Dong Hua chain achieves   of …… of 50 million dollar

Arrive from 1991 1999, 8 years short time, group of chain of Hangzhou Dong Hua manages from a little known civilian battalion Xiaogong the development like the miracle made research and development of a market, production, sale at the our country dimensions of an organic whole the biggest chain produces a business, such development speed is very infrequent. Begin from 1995, dong Hua chain casts eye again to broader foreign market, now, product 70% the Dong Hua that uses outlet, take aim again went up more high-quality market. In ceaseless climb height while, the Chinese searched a ” of new “ La Hai for oneself again east.

The technology is banner bring up core competition ability

Allegedly, the manufacturing workshop of group of Dong Hua chain, must connect a foreigner greatly exclaim. The limited company of transmission of Hangzhou self-improvement catenary that the reporter comes to to subordinate of Dong Hua group yesterday is interviewed, so large plant area is neat and capacious, the reporter produces a few the workshop to look around roughly, used many minutes of 30 time.

In huge factory building, ordinal platoon flies plane of a few cold rolling, what finish here is the first working procedure that Dong Hua chain produces. Cost device of 20 million yuan of introduced these two cold rolling, use measure the large craft that join press hard against each other quickly, automatically, make sure catenary board produces quality. As we have learned, this working procedure, in home other chain is produced is exclusive in manufacturer, also be Dong Hua chain one of achievement of multinomial technical reformation. Such ability revises positive result, there still is a lot of in Dong Hua. Pay attention to construction of team of research and development, hold the lead dominant position on the technology, it is to make group of Dong Hua chain grows small plant, quickly from that little known civilian battalion 16 years ago it is year of sale several yuan large group company, and the main reason that be far ahead travels together at home.

Xuan Bihua of president of group of Dong Hua chain tells a reporter, labour desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement. To get used to the market, satisfy client requirement, the company should throw 10 thousand yuan thousands of every year to be used at technical reformation to mix introduce advanced equipment. Threw many yuan 4000 2006 only. The company is introduced in the talent go up to also be spent sufficient kongfu, july 2006, dong Huacheng established an industry first academician workstation, collective pair of structures of the mould, new technology, new material, new technology undertakes study, at present Dong Huazheng prepares to construct actively postdoctoral workstation. Current, in group of research and development, only in advanced title personnel has 80 much people, still have large quantities of youths that have tall record of formal schooling. Here develops new product 2—3 on average everyday, development speed is the same as the be far ahead in the industry in the whole nation. Only the company finished new product to develop 856 kinds 2005, new product production value 156 million yuan.
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