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Production development of foreign chain mould tastes speed newly fast

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Author: Category: Trade information date: 2008-5-9 18:09:55 visits: Country of advanced industry of abroad of 93 all was used in chain and mould production but * sex design and CAD/CAM technology, development tastes speed newly fast, precision is tall, quality has relatively assure. Most new product has the characteristic of tall wear-resisting, tall exhaustion, high accuracy, there is miniature on configuration catenary and a variety of transportation catenary, cable catenary, times fast catenary, used the data such as metallurgy of powder of wear-resisting, heat-resisting, plastic, oiliness on material, improved the performance of chain further.

Machining a respect, chain of common standards chain board use high speed to rush many times more dismiss technology, roller is made employ 5 worker worker cold extruder treatment, sleeve uses high speed nicety and have detect automatically rolling machine treatment of the function; The new technology application such as processing of gush bolus, crowded opening, case hardening is very general; Spare parts heat treatment uses heat treatment commonly automatic product line, heat treatment quality by online detect equipment detects with control; Heat treatment craft has tend enrage to temperature, furnace pressure, furnace constituent and quench the multi-parameter such as medium is controlled integratedly, spare parts quality is stable but * , specifications is taller; Assembling craft to go up to be used generally assemble, riveting head, detect, pull beforehand, dismantle a part muti_function automatic assembly line.

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