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Xi Huala grows industrial chain to drive agriculture to develop

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Author: Category: Trade information date: 2008-5-9 18:10:17 visits: Channel of Henan of xinhua net of 65 on December 19 dispatch China dragon network coverage: Recently, the author learns about the branch from Xi Hua county, this county builds inferior harbor, silver-colored cotton, flourish sends 3 collect spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing to process a business at the cotton of an organic whole already complete put into production. So far, profound treatment company already amounted to this county cotton 63, pily production enters 100 strong county range of countrywide. This is this county builds base, catch bibcock, strong thrust enters the another great achievements that agricultural industrialization process obtains.

Strong thrust of government of Xi Hua county Party committee, county enters agricultural industrialization, had built high grade miscellaneous fruit production, without vegetable of social effects of pollution nursery stock of production of mushroom of production of production, high grade animal produce, high grade edible, high grade flowers is produced wait for “ ” of 5 large base, farther outspread spin deep treatment of commissariat deep treatment, animal produce deep treatment, fruit deep treatment, plank deep treatment, cotton, without vegetable of social effects of pollution the “ such as deep treatment ” of chain of 6 big industries, expand ceaselessly product of high grade animal produce, birds, wheat cultivates treatment, soja to cultivate treatment, cotton to cultivate treatment, corn to cultivate treatment, fruit to cultivate treatment, vegetable to cultivate treatment, leather fur treatment, forest to machine “ ” of 10 big dragon economy, formed the market to pull bibcock, bibcock brings base, base connects the industrialization pattern of farmer.

In recent years, completely prefectural farming, forest, herd, fishery got full-scale development. Current, quantity of save up of entire county forest is amounted to 169. 20 thousand stere, forest is enclothed rate amount to 23. 6% ; Grain total output is amounted to this year 54. 30 thousand tons, high grade miscellaneous fruit is cultivated amount to 250 thousand mus, amount to 430 thousand mus without establish of colza of greens of social effects of pollution, large and medium-sized dimensions farm develops 2014, the proportion that stock raising total production value holds agricultural total production value is amounted to 35% ; Build close farming industrial business 42, total investment is amounted to 13. 500 million yuan.

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