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The good of chain and operation principle

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Author: Category: Trade information date: 2008-5-9 18:10:40 visits: Drive of 64 uses double pitch roller chain, drive to use turn board roller chain, drive to use catenary of tooth form catenary, infinitely variable speeds, long pitch to carry with sleeve catenary, burden drive with short pitch roller chain, drive.

The others product is as follows:

◆ stainless steel catenary: Hardware data is stainless steel, this kind of chain suits to be reached in food industry suffer chemical, medicines and chemical reagents easily to wait erode a circumstance to use, still can use at circumstance of high low temperature.

Catenary of ◆ plating nickel, galvanization catenary, plating chromic catenary: The chain that material of all carbon steel forms all but finishing, spare parts surface passes plating nickel, galvanization or plating chromium processing, can suit to be eroded in the rainwater outdoor wait for a circumstance to use, but cannot prevent thick chemical liquid to corrode.

◆ is self-lubricating chain: Certain part is made by the agglomeration metal of full lube of a kind of dip, this kind of chain has wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure corrode performance is superior, do not need to safeguard (maintenance-free) , the characteristic with long service life. Apply extensively at getting power taller, have wear-resisting demand, and the situation that often cannot have maintenance, maintain machine of high accuracy drive if food industry is automation product line, high-grade cycle track car, less.

◆ O sealing ring catenary: Catenary of roller chain inside and outside board of sealed with O form sealing ring, in case dirt is entered and grease pours out of hinge. Chain course is rigorous lubricate beforehand. Because chain is had,exceed strong spare parts and but of * lubricant, can use in the drive opening type such as autocycle.

◆ balata catenary: This kind of chain is to be in those who be based on chain of series of A, B outside U form is added to add on chain link board, be in add board on stick on balata (wait like SI of balata of natural balata NR, silicone) can increase wear away ability, reduce noise, increase shock-proof capacity. Use at carrying.

Catenary of ◆ needle tine: This kind of chain is used extensively at lumber industry, those who be like lumber feed carry with output, cut, deferent stage etc

Catenary of ◆ agriculture machinery: Agriculture machinery catenary applies to field exercise machinery to wait like walking tractor, threshing machine, combine harvester. Cost of demand of this kind of chain is low but can bear again concussion and wear-resisting, besides, chain should besmear grease or can lubricate automatically.

◆ high strenth catenary: It is a kind of tailor-made roller chain, through improving catenary board appearance, add large chain board, essence of life develops aggrandizement of heat treatment of catenary board aperture, bearing pin, can raise tensile strength 15~30% , have favorable impact function, fatigue property.
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