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How should be clerk of successful foreign trade done?
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Author: Category: Trade information date: 2007-10-22 19:23:06 visits: Should 108 send sample?

This is one lets a works very headaching problem! Every week about the same does somebody want sample? Send every time, honest be unable to stand, besides is most disappear forever. Will tell from the angle that purchases business, I am willing to share the feeling of this respect with everybody.

1. sample is expended. My individual suggests the factory raises the question that sample expends actively still. Purchasing business actually is by be used to bad. The business that clinchs a deal possibly the more, purchase business to won't grudge the more sample cost. However, actual condition is, most China factory produces same product. Your disapprobation, naturally others agrees free. The product that so I suggest to spend a bit time to study his has how old the unique part on degree. To doing not have the product of own characteristic basically, compete very intense, yearn for order again at the same time, you were forced to be sent freely. If face a few similar plants,purchase business, the product is roughly same, some is free, some holding to that collect fees, I still draw out money to buy sample, be idiocy?

2. speed. No matter collect fees,still be free, speed is crucial. Purchase business to be able to judge the fact of two respects so, the first, the supplier is true manufacturer home, or is the trading company should come first sample is sent next. The 2nd, the supplier is producing this product, or is the capacity that has production merely. Above the rate that these two facts reflect in sample to mail. The company of small-sized foreign trade that if arrange,accordingly I suggest sample is very demanding or individual, not easily mail freely sample. Look in our experience, the supplier that clinchs a deal finally, often be after affirmatory sample, 1 can notify us express number to 2 days.

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