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The be puzzled with Qingdao completely current beer
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The word of complier reforms successful end and card inspect as buy of component of the 2nd batch of equity meeting, country endowment appoint wait for 5 ministries and commissions " the directive opinion that about appearing on the market buy of company equity component reforms " release, shanghai is deep two city appear on the market job of reform of buy of company equity component is rolled out in the round. It is however in this process, before this also be risen to subsequently by the problem of a few difficulty of market oversight surface. Qingdao beer (600600) He Modong medical treatment (600055) it is two such special case. Former because foreign capital accuses a scale exorbitant, company level bear “ may be undertake last times change appear on the market company ” ; Latter because equity transfer ownership is suspensive, perplex equity to divide buy to reform a progress, make Chinese stock market the first board of directors opens fire to large stockholder “ of ” appear on the market company.

“ maintains equity to separate buy state forever, just be the optimal choice of Qingdao beer large stockholder it seems that. A personage inside course of study evaluates ” so Qingdao beer (600600) : “ Qingdao beer has too much historical bequeath problem to hamper completely current. Other blue prepare company most welcome change, use on Qingdao beer body, enough makes accuse fall by equity. ”

Send to valence lose ethical brand?

Afterwards 2004 American A - B company (Anhaisi - rare international accuses cloth a limited company) in will breathing out Pi income bursa with cost of 5.1 billion HK dollar later, qingdao beer becomes A - the next target of B. In fact, in A - in B China strategy, the value of Qingdao beer is far relatively haing Pi is attached most importance to.

A - beer of Qingdao of B encroach on but restrospect to 1993, qingdao beer H appear on the market when beginning, a - B company is bought through clever arrangement Qingdao beer 45 million, occupy at that time the 5 % of Qingdao beer total capital stock, add hair A in Shanghai stock exchange again because of Qingdao beer later, this one scale is gone to by dilute 4.5 % .

2002, the Qingdao beer with in short supply capital to A - B is directional add send many 300 million H can turn debt, financing 1.4 billion HK dollar, in order to see a pressing need. According to both sides the agreement at that time, a - B can be inside 7 years progressively will afore-mentioned can turn debt turns into the stock. Can be A - B awaits time impossibly 7 years, on April 12, 2005, qingdao beer releases announcement to say, a - the company of hold of B company place can turn whole already transition is debt 308 million H, the total capital stock of Qingdao beer is added by 1.06 billion by 2004 reach 1.308 billion, and A - of B hold a gross to achieve 353 million, be as high as 27 % oppose a scale, make its are apart from country of Qingdao of the biggest partner endowment appoint hold a scale to differ only 3.56 % .
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