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Farming equipment of animal husbandry machinery makes an item
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Author: Category: Trade information date: 2008-5-9 18:05:51 visit: 92 one, project name: Farming equipment of animal husbandry machinery makes an item. 

2, build a place: Developing zone of economy of Chi Fenggong hill. 

3, project overview: As the our city farming of structural adjustment of animal husbandry industry be deepened further and new the formation of hot ” of agriculture machinery of round of “ , the our city is right farming the demand of animal husbandry machinery will be bigger and bigger, farming production of animal husbandry machine is made be sure to have wide market perspective. This purpose is carried out, can satisfy our region and even Meng Dong area to be opposite already farming the demand of animal husbandry machinery, increased for the our city again applicable farming breed of animal husbandry machinery. The product is marketable Yu Heilong river and northeast area, especially Heilongjiang has very good sale market. Also help the development that used chain of industry of fittings of our city agriculture machinery at the same time, realized this locality of machinery of animal husbandry of our city farming to change. Project place needs spare parts of Yuan Fucai makings, form a complete set to wait all OK and logical market price pattern is being bought domestic and internationally independently, give priority to with home market, quality of enough, material can satisfy supply of goods product need. 

4, build content: Construction standardizes industrial workshop, introduce home famous farming animal husbandry machinery produces production business, if corn harvests machine, potato to harvest machine, soja to harvest machine, paddy to harvest machine, succulence to harvest opportunity of treatment of rice transplanter of mower of machine, grazing, paddy and fodder of the machine that cast fry, raise to wait jointly,production is made numerous be saleable the product of satisfy the need. 

5, investment dimensions and economic benefits: Always invest 200 million yuan, among them fixed assets invests 150 million yuan, circulating fund 50 million yuan. The project is built period for 2 years, the project is amounted to produce the year after next to achieve sales revenue 280 million yuan, investment return rate predicts 25% , total investment pay back period predicts 5.5 years.

6, cooperative means: Joint-stock, collaboration or other means.

7, contact: Han Peng flying 0476-8367650, 13190927015

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