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General component 6 years outstanding new judge gives job
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Author: Category: Trade information date: 2008-5-9 18:06:49 visits: 64 by Chinese machinery association of general component industry organizes outstanding new product chose the industry to was announced recently 2006. The unit is declared in 31, 52 in declaring a project, review an award of special grade of outstanding new product in all 25, outstanding award 27. Among them, award of fastener industry special grade 9, outstanding award 13; Award of bedspring industry special grade 12, outstanding award 11; Award of special grade of catenary drive industry 4, outstanding award 2; Pulverous metallurgy industry is outstanding award 1.

The enterprise that has the honor to win special grade award and product have: The P650 steel of limited company of group of chain of Hangzhou Dong Hua coils carry chain, the gear-hobbing machine of YK3150J numerical control of limited company of transmission of catenary of Zhejiang China harbor, all and the burden parallel of chain total factory carries chain, nanjing benefit civilian the is based on chromium of small axis ooze engine chain of company of mechanical and finite liability (04MA, CLRM) , the nut of stainless steel riveting of limited company of fastener of abundant of constant heart abundant (Dui is made) series product, shanghai fastener and solder testboard of force of the ZLC-150 of material technology institute axial, the ending of whorl circular arc of limited company of tool of standard component of Shanghai double garden rolls filar annulus, the car of limited company of fastener of car of the mark on Shanghai uses framework bolt with hinge lock, car, shi Xi enterprise (international) the 2D3B-0502(miniature that the orgnaization controls a limited company of machinery of water chestnut of state of city of limited company Dongguan) 2 models forming machine of cold Dui of 3 strong nice spare partses, 2D3B-K2 3 class of 2 standards 3 strong cover forming machine of kind of spare parts cold Dui, fastener of special type of logical sequence of north of peaceful wave city the M80×520 high temperature of the factory (650 ℃ ) join with high strenth bolt deputy, the thin plate of 7412 plants of boat hill city secures bolt, the 覫 90mm of Dalian spring limited company exceeds diameter of big chunk fabrics to heat up a bedspring, numerical control of the DJH-580 of production limited company of spring of saline city Hai Xu high accuracy coils reed machine, bedspring of power dish form makes Yangzhou nucleus of limited company high temperature resistant bedspring of form of pulverous metallurgy dish, luoyang machine tool is limited the grinder of M7745K-6S-I bedspring end panel of liability company, the bedspring of valve of engine of auspicious car JL4G18 of Hangzhou spring limited company, the Ford car of limited company of spring of Hangzhou money river (before, hind) suspension bedspring 4F13-5310, 5560-AA and current car (before, hind) suspension bedspring T255NB and HB, chinese bedspring makes spring of the suspension after the Rong Wei car of limited company, in Shanghai brilliance of the rising sun the bedspring of valve of engine of Rong Wei car of spring limited company (Roewe7502.5LV6) , suspension of car of the star in Shanghai the general Jun Yue of limited company stabilizes lever after the car (hollow) , lever is stabilized after current car GM-Base07, flexibility is arranged in Shanghai the bedspring of form of helix shape dish of limited company.
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