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Exhibition of chain of the 3rd 2007 China International
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Author: Category: Trade information date: 2008-5-9 18:06:31 visit: 2007-07-03 of time of 62 comes 2007-07-05
Periodic 3 years /
Establish time year
Application ends 2007-06-20
Road of bit of showpiece treasure of Shanghai water transport 88
Smooth congress of Shanghai of the name that exhibit a house exhibits a center
Showpiece content
1, case heavy catenary, transmission catenary, carry all sorts of domains such as traffic of catenary, special type catenary, dragging chain, autocycle, electric car, agriculture machinery, industry, car to use form a complete set of chain, mechanical foundation to use chain;
2, chain wheel of catenary of type of chain wheel of chain wheel of all sorts of accurate loafer catenary, assorted drive chain wheel, flat-roofed catenary, flute profile catenary, hook, gear, rack, close solid is covered, leather belt, circumgyrate
The catenary drive such as bearing, worm wheel, shaft coupling, chain link;
3, facilities of treatment of production of catenary drive product, heat treatment equipment, maintain antirust technology product; Catenary drive technology, design, scientific research reachs relevant media;

Sponsor head office of imports and exports of unit China chain
Undertake unit company name: Exhibition of China International chain
Contact: Yu Yang
Phone: 86-21-68558013
Fax: 86-21-51062590
Address: Shanghai road of 10 thousand heart 11 lane 2 904 rooms
Zip code: 200136
Network address: Http://

Detailed content is current the Asia that exhibits the Shanghai international trade that can sponsor one of units to promote committee place to sponsor the first, the 2nd old Shanghai international car of world is exhibited, the world's greatest China International bicycle exhibits all previous classics 16 years, have a move in chess or a movement in wushu 10 years to do exhibit experience, branch of traffic of industry of association of industry of Chinese project machinery, motor-driven also sponsorred the world machine of the 2nd old two big projects exhibits meeting BICES exhibit with BMW. Both this strong strong together, with its the constituent capacity of direct user mixes driving actual strength, giant chain to do richly exhibit experience, the chain international that calm meeting differs to you is exhibited of the meeting brand-new experience.

(Above information is offerred by exhibition company proper motion, this company is in charge of the authenticity of information content, accuracy and lawful sex. Chinese chain net does not assume any assurance to this duty

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