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Make " base of advanced manufacturing industry " Zhejiang industry economy " 5 c
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Author: Category: Trade information date: 2008-5-9 18:08:57 visits: Month of 72 5, all and. Limited company of transmission of catenary of Zhejiang China harbor produces per year start working of project of gear-hobbing machine of 300 YK3150J numerical control to lay a foundation. This always invests 105 million yuan provincial key ability to revise a project, hind of put into production will increase a sale newly every year for the company 230 million yuan, the duty that achieve profit 60 million yuan.

In May, hangzhou equipment manufacturing industry passes news of victory again: First homebred change 1 million kilowatt to exceed exceed turbine of pump of water supply of critical utility boiler to was made by Hangzhou turbine Inc. a few days ago finish. This is meant Hangzhou steamer already made first capable production of on international a few a few the home, country the enterprise of this grade turbine.

Be in Zhejiang, have a company everyday performing similar “ advanced story ” , an another “ advanced ” is in let an enterprise increase “ to contain Troy ” at the same time, also be versed in in ceaseless adapting Zhejiang the development process of already aid.

Bureau of the statistic that occupy a province May statistic, this year first quarter, complete province is all advocate business Wu income reachs above industry business 5 million yuan (namely dimensions above industry) implementation raises a cost one hundred and thirty-eight billion four hundred and ten million yuan, add compared to the same period 17.6% ; Production value of the sale that finish six hundred and eighty-six billion one hundred and twenty million yuan, add compared to the same period 26.1% ; Company profit grows 30.4% .

Hold to new-style industrialized road, firm establish and implement scientific progress concept, overcome element to restrict, difficulty and the contradiction such as attrition of unbalance of supply and demand, international, extend new development field and space stage by stage, the ” of “ big play that Zhejiang is versed in already aid is singing to call “ ” of advanced manufacturing industry.

Why does Zhejiang choose “ advanced manufacturing industry”
In fact, zhejiang chooses to make ” of base of “ advanced manufacturing industry be not coincidence, the province classics trade that offers this respect proposal the earliest to province government appoint concerned controller thinks.

Manufacturing industry is industry of Zhejiang industry main body, occupy gross almost 90% above. However, they are traditional industry more, the sources of energy is depended on degree tall, technical content is low, competitive pressure is great, the low, small, industry situation that come loose makes giant bottleneck to macroeconomic development, the circumstance is badly in need of turning round. Look at the same time from the whole nation, zhejiang and Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong is mixed with its situation economic base, become the most possible the earliest development to make the province of base of advanced manufacturing industry.
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