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Limited company of chain of Nanjing gold cloud
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Author: Category: Trade information date: 2008-5-9 18:07:10 visits: Limited company of chain of cloud of gold of Nanjing of 67 fastens the professional manufacturer that produces all sorts of chain, it is Chinese chain enterprise of academician of general component industry, financial condition of class of Jiangsu province “AAA” and successive 20 years “ abides by contract, keep good faith ” and metric qualification affirm an enterprise. Passed ISO9001:2 2001Attestation of 000 quality guarantee system, obtained letter of qualification of enterprise of imports and exports of People's Republic of China 2003. The “ overall quality that the enterprise acquires national Ministry of Agriculture to issue early or late manages ” of the enterprise that amount to mark and Jiangsu to omit name of product of town enterprise famous brand. “KNC” brand is judged to be famous label.

Chinese chain net

The operation business of Chinese chain net - - limited company of chain of Nanjing gold cloud is to devote oneself to Chinese chain industry to offer what the business affairs on the net serves Internet serves a provider.

Company with the fastest network the link, most advanced the most mature technology, best service quality serves at the client. The Chinese chain network that manages independently is the website of electronic business affairs of country's biggest chain industry, devote oneself to to be offerred for the enterprise specialization, the service that individuation, human nature changes, it is the commerce platform of development international market of company of trade of domestic and international enterprise, classics.

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